New thinking for recruitment

RP People Oy emphasizes evaluating recruitees in relation to the environment they are to work in. Having sufficient knowledge about the environment is a great benefit for a recruitment consultancy. RP People also believes in ensuring that a person is evaluated by more than one means of evaluation. No one should be interpreted only by his service history or only by his test results.

RP People has a wide knowledge of local, regional, national and international political decision-making. This is vital to evaluate a candidates capacity to operate in such an environment. RP People uses Rud Pedersen Public Affairs' comprehensive know-how and network for clients advantage. RP People has its own network of people who are or have been leaders or experts in several fields.

RP People uses test made by Master International, which are widely used internationally. 

RP People is part of the largest Nordic public affairs -group, Rud Pedersen Public Affairs. 




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